Sunday, 6 March 2011

El Chupacabra

Based on reliefs found in Europe and Mesoamerica, some researchers equate the appearance of the chupacabras to that of a gargoyle, leading one to believe the creatures were also part of the history of Medieval Europe and linked to evil spirits.
Today investigators go in search of the chupacabra to capture and study these elusive animals. It is the part of the quest of humanity through the paranormal to explains who we are and why we are here.
The term “Chupacabra” can be roughly translated as “goat-sucker.” It is known as both “chupacabras” and “chupacabra” throughout the Americas, with the former probably being the original word, and the latter a better regularization of it. The name can be preceded by the masculine definite article (“el chupacabras”), or the plural masculine article (“los chupacabras”). The term was supposedly coined by Puerto Rican television personality Silverio PĂ©rez, who intended the name to be a joke.
Physical descriptions of the creature vary. Sightings began in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s, and have since been reported as far north as the Carolinas and as far south as Chile.Though some argue that the chupacabra may be a real creature, mainstream scientists and experts generally contend that the chupacabra is a legendary creature, or a type of urban legend.


  1. why are all videos of aliens, yetis and chupacabras so damn blurry ;_;

  2. I always loved the X-Files Episode "The Chupacapra" :)

  3. @mac excellent question ;)

  4. Is that supposed to be proof?

    I think we'll need something more than that!

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    P.S: Thanks for getting me into Twin Peaks!

  5. lol I look forward to the first alien post in post bro

  6. My old band had a song called Chupacabra. It was sweet. :)